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Can I use my OMNI+ device without the HK Controller App?

Streaming via Bluetooth or direct aux in connection are supported without the HK Controller app. For OMNI+ devices that you already have placed in a room, they are capable of using either Spotify Connect or Chromecast built-in without the need of using the HK Controller app. Use only the HK Controller app for setting up any OMNI+ devices you may have.

I have problems with dropouts in sound when streaming Bluetooth music from my smartphone or tablet.

Please note that if you have a large number of Apps open, this may block or overtax the processor in your music player. Try to close all or most active apps. This should solve the problem.

How can I reset my Omni+ speaker(s)?

There is a reset button on the bottom of the Omni+ devices. Press and hold this button for 5 seconds to perform a factory reset of your product. All product settings, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connections will be erased. To reset the OMNI 50+ speaker, please do the following: First, press & hold ‘Source’, ‘Vol+’, ‘Vol-‘ buttons at the same time. The Omni 50+ will switched off, indicating that the product was successful reset. Secondly, press ‘power' button to turn on power for the Omni 50+ speaker. Now you can easily set up the product again for your home Wi-Fi network.

What can I use to clean the enclosure?

We recommend using a microfiber cloth to polish the high-gloss surfaces, and a vacuum with either a stationary brush attachment or hose to clean the speaker grille. Do not use water to clean the products.

Where can I get a wall bracket for my Omni 10+, Omni 20+ speakers?

There are threaded inserts for mounting screws in the bottom of the Omni 10+ and Omni 20+. Mounting accessories are not available via Harman Kardon.
For Omni 10+ there are two mounting screw holes which are 3mm in diameter and 67mm apart.
For Omni 20+ there are two mounting screw holes which are 3mm in diameter and 110,5mm apart.

What devices can interfere with Omni 10+, Omni 20+ and Omni 50+ system and cause possible dropouts in sound?

If you have other networks or Bluetooth devices close to the Omni+ speaker, then these devices may interfere and result in drop outs. Also, placing your Omni+ speakers close to microwave ovens can result in lowered performance.

I have good sound in one room and dropouts in another room with either Omni 10+, Omni 20+ and Omni 50+?

Check your Wi-Fi signal. The Wi-Fi signal can be measured in the Send us feedback section of the Harman Kardon Controller app, inside the Settings menu found on the left hand side bar. Open the Send us feedback page. Now you will see an email template with some information shown at the bottom. This information includes our new Wi-Fi meter, which indicates signal strength for the OMNI+ speaker, connected to your home Wi-Fi router. To get the best signal strength, our advice is to keep your OMNI+ signal strength over -65 dB (lower figure is better, so -45 db is better than -65 dB) to get the best audio experience.

Will party mode transform stereo pairs into mono singles?

No, the re-broadcast signal is in stereo. Stand alone speakers will play both Left and Right channels.

The Bluetooth name is the same on all products. Can this name be changed?

No, the Bluetooth name is fixed.

When I open the playback controls box of one of the rooms currently playing audio via a Wi-Fi stream, all I see is "AUX-in" with no playback controls. How can I adjust the playback controls for this room?

When beginning Wi-Fi streaming to a room, you may need to wait several seconds before opening the playback controls box. If the box only says "AUX-in", close the box and reopen it.